Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Oslo oslo oslo oslo oslo.

I had an amazing opportunity to visit Oslo, Norway this past weekend. We left Saturday afternoon and stopped halfway at gotenburg. There is a church there that has connections with Holsby, and we were able to stay in an apartment that the church owns. The church was actually at Holsby a couple of weeks ago, so it was neat to see some familiar faces. They were also having a small worship time which we got to be a part of- and that was neat also. After spending the night there, we drove about 3 hours into Oslo!

Oslo is such a neat city. There were a ton of old buildings, and a ton of modern buildings. There was one road and on the right was all the older architecture, but then on the left side was all these modern looking buildings… super interesting!

While in Oslo we visited the Opera house which looks awesome! It’s built to look like a glacier, and it comes out of the water. You could also walk up onto the roof which was sweet and gave us a good view of the city.

The opera house is also where I fell into the North Sea. We thought it’d be cool to be able to touch the North Sea… so we all go down to the bottom of the building where it comes out of the water. I went down to touch it and slipped on the rock right into the water. Fantastic.

After changing my clothes and making our lunches, we saw the fortress, an armory museum, the palace (where we walked around the little park there), and we just walked around a little bit in the center. We eventually ended up at a park where we made dinner… pasta goodness. We had a little burner with us that we cooked on. It was the perfect meal to end our day!
Tank in the armory museum!

That night we were planning on camping somewhere. The law in Norway is that you have to be 50 kilometers to camp somewhere. So we started driving out of Oslo and eventually (about an hour later), we found a rest stop. We pulled out our sleeping bags and slept under a little picnic table shelter thing. It worked for us! And it luckily didn’t rain that night… it actually got really cold and I ended up sleeping with half my body outside of the sleeping bag!

The next day we went back into Oslo. There’s this famous ski jump and ski museum there that we went to. The museum was pretty sweet, and we got to go to the top of the ski jump. It was so neat to be up there! Unfortunately it was really foggy and rainy that morning, so we were not able to see the whole city from the top… but it was still neat to see the fog rolling over the buildings!

After the ski jump, we went back into town and walked around for about an hour (in the pouring rain) and then started our trip back home.

It was a quick trip, but so awesome! And now I’m able to say that I visited Norway! Yes!!!

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