Monday, June 4, 2012

This past month...

WOOOWWW… I have a lot to write about! Seriously? The last post I wrote was about being half way through school? Wow. I was going to be so good at blogging on a regular basis too. Oops.

WELL, I’ll just go down the list of the happenings in my life since the beginning of May. (PS, a TON has happened, but for the sake of the length of this post… and for you, I’ll keep it short…)

School Work: I finished reading C.S. Lewis’ Screwtape Letters… man, that’s a crazy book. I wrote a book report on it- it was hard for me to pick out what I wanted to write on… there’s so much stuff in that book that I could apply to my life or learn from. If you haven’t read it- I highly recommend it! I also finished reading the New Testament. I’ve never really read the bible before like I did up here. I was actually engaging myself in what I was reading and really trying to learn from it. I loved it! I’m going to try to finish the Old Testament this summer (that’s backwards, I know)… so far I’m staying on schedule! We also had several memory verses and had a test on them towards the end of the term. The test was on Philippians 3:7-11. We had our commencement ceremony, and I passed. Got the certificate and everything… whooo!
Commencment Ceremony. Lovely ladies, and photobombing guys.

Canoe Trip: All of the students went on a day-long canoe trip. SO MUCH FUN. I think like 5 of the canoes tipped… luckily mine wasn’t one of them! I’ve never canoed for a whole day, and I loved it! There was so much to see, and I felt so accomplished when it was over!
Started the canoe trip with these beautiful ladies!

Coffee Shop: There was a group of students that went down to a little coffee shop in a nearby town. It was the cutest coffee shop I’ve ever seen… for serious. It was so cute and cozy and wonderful! I walked with a group of people down there and the walk is so beautiful as well! It’s defiantly a walk that I’ll be making again!
Seriously. Look how cute this coffee shop is!

Holsby Halfer: The school hosted its first annual half marathon! 14 students ran it, and they did amazing! A couple other people and I were in charge of taking pictures of the marathon… which was awesome! I’m so proud of the students who ran it! Some of them even got lost for like half an hour I think, but still made it back. Woo hoo!
At the start!

Concert Night/Open Mic Night: Man, we had some talented people up here this past term. Some of them organized a little concert night where they played some of their songs. I was so amazed at how much talent we had… and I didn’t even know! (will hoepfully be able to post videos soon!)

Balloon Fights: Okay, okay, okay. We all new a balloon fight was inevitable. Little did we know how massive it would be. It started one night when a group of us girls decided to sleep outside on a balcony. There were 2 girls on the main balcony at the front of the dorm, and then 5 of us on a side balcony. It was around midnight and we had just finished saying, “ok, lets get some sleep now..” and were getting cuddled into our little spots on the balcony. All of a sudden we hear this “YAHOOOZZZAAA” and get pelted with water balloons. WATER BALLOONS.  All the guys attacked us. Luckily only my pillow got wet, but it still meant war. On the Wednesday before everyone left all of the guys went out for pizza for dinner. Of course the girls were going to plan an attack. So, after dinner we filled up buckets of water and water balloons and our plan was to hide and when they came we were going to soak them. However, the plan failed and it ended up in this massive water fight in the front lawns. It was the greatest. Some girls (including me) even got the privilege of being dragged to the nasty dirty pond and dunked under the water. Yumm-o (NOT). But really, it was so much fun and such a nice way to end the term!

Goodbyes: I wrote this post when people started leaving… it really sums up the feelings of that weekend, so I’ll just repost it here:

Spring term is over and people are leaving today.

Last night was a blur. Lots of hugs, memories, cries... Nobody got the amount of sleep they should of. I was up until 2am and woke up at 6am... I wasnt even sleeping in my own bed... people were sleeping outside, in hallways... some did not even go to bed.
Then this morning we started saying goodbye. One by one people have been leaving. Every hour there is a circle of tears. I'm exhausted and sad. But I am so excited to see these amazing friends of mine again. I can't wait to see Gods amazing plans be fulfilled in their lives.
I can't believe that today has actually come. This past week has been a complete blur. It has been packed with events and adventures. I grew so much closer to the other students up here this past week, and it has been absolutely beautiful. I love them all!!!

Summer Time: I moved into my new room last Sunday (5/27) and started working on Tuesday. It was a weird transition at first, but I’m loving everything so far! The group of people we have up here are amazing, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of the summer with them! I’m on the hospitality team and having an amazing time so far! We’ve been doing a lot of gardening work. I never really did that much gardening before so it’s been a learning experience- but I’m really enjoying it! On Tuesday the staff went down to a local lake and played some games and ate some dinner and some went swimming (even though it was freezing outside). It was a good chance for us all to just hang out together. A game we played was Danish longball (fun stuff that I’ll have to bring back to the States with me!) I’m so excited for this summer. And I can’t believe it’s already been a week!

Danish Longballin' it up!

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