Friday, May 25, 2012

Today is the day...

Spring term is over and people are leaving today.
Last night was a blur. Lots of hugs, memories, cries... Nobody got the amount of sleep they should of. I was up until 2am and woke up at 6am... I wasnt even sleeping in my own bed... people were sleeping outside, in hallways... some did not even go to bed.

Then this morning we started saying goodbye. One by one people have been leaving. Every hour there is a circle of tears. I'm exhausted and sad. But I am so excited to see these amazing friends of mine again. I can't wait to see Gods amazing plans be fulfilled in their lives.

I can't believe that today has actually come. This past week has been a complete blur. It has been packed with events and adventures. I grew so much closer to the other students up here this past week, and it has been absolutly beautiful. I love them all!!!

I officially start my summer internship tomorrow, then I get to move into my new room on Sunday. I hate syaing goodbye and knowing that this phase of my life is over... but I'm so excited for this Summer and making so many more new memories!

There has been a lot going on that I havent blogged about (like a ton of stuff)... so someday I'll post those up (with pictures of course)!


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