Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last Night

i did this

at first I was like

then I was like


Lets get something clear.
I leave in 2 months (TWO MONTHS).

excited? yes.
nervous? yes.
put the two together and what do you get?
crazy with a side of insain.

I've decided that I'm ready to go. If I had to leave tomorrow, then I would leave tomorrow.
BUT, lets be honest here. I'm a homebody. I like my home. It's secure. It's comfortable. It's free.
It's home.

so me leaving for 6 months faaarrrrr away from home, well it scares me a little.
but not enough to not go to Sweden, don't you worry a bit about that.

This little journey I'm on right now is about to get a WHOLE lot crazier.
ya, I have all the big stuff done.
plane ticket....check

now it's down to all the nitty-gritty stuff.
Like, what clothes am I gonna bring.
Should I buy a spiffy journal (wait, I've already done that)
what about school supplies?
How much cash should I bring?
Passport wallet... it has to be cute, duh.
etc, etc, etc.

BUT. It'll all get done in time. I know that.

And I'm so so so ready to be in Sweden right now (regardless of the giraffe on a tree picture).

two months.

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  1. I like your funny pictures! And P.S... why does your passport wallet have to be cute? nobody will pay attention to what it looks like :D